Laminating as Service

Our service for you

We fabricate the requested laminate on the lasts provided by you according to your specifications. You will benefit from our many years of experience and finish the product when fitting.

Your advantage

Work results that are effective and long-lasting with attractive prices.

Among other things we laminate the following to your wishes:

  • Caps or inner shoes for arthrodeses
  • Shafts for orthopaedic rubber boots, bathing shoes
  • Supporting tongues in case of forefoot amputation
  • Inner shoes with length compensation and orthoses.

If you are interested, please contact us in a timely manner to discuss all details about our laminating service as well as the preparatory and finishing work done by you. Each lamination work is designed on an individual basis. You will benefit from our many years of experience. After going through all details concerning the fitting, the appropriate materials will be selected.

In combination with acrylic or epoxy resins, Perlon, Helanca, glass, aramid and carbon fibres are used as reinforcing material.

For certain applications, our new BKF© EpoxCarbon which is processed in combination with enforcement fibres becomes an option. The laminates resulting from this process stay flexible but still have a certain stability and possess best recovery properties with a long lifetime.
–Supporting tongue after forefoot amputation, combined with forefoot replacement – Dynamic insoles cup-type – Wrist support Stiffening elements, stiffening caps, inner shoes and ortheses: With our laminates different constructions are possible – rigid or the combination rigid-flexible – made of acrylic or epoxy resin in combination with carbon, glass, Kevlar, Perlon and Helanca fibres.

Shafts for orthopaedic rubber boots:  It is possible to work a steel cap and waterproof zipper into the shaft. Thus, also patients who need an orthopaedic part, like caps for arthrodeses, can rest assured that they receive optimal care.
BKF© SuperPlastic is used as resin component. The rubber boot is resistant to many aggressive media such as salt water, liquid manure or cement slurry.

Shafts for orthopaedic bathing shoes:  Bathing shoes being laminated with a vacuum technology are significantly more durable and thin-walled as comparable supplies made of deep-drawn sheet material. BEIL’s BKF© SuperPlastic is used as laminating resin.