Fibre-Reinforced Acrylic Sheets

BKF acrylic sheets & BKF CS acrylic sheets are made of specially produced acrylic resins and fibre composites. They are thermoplastically formable. Due to different reinforcing materials and their orientation, a wide range of different applications is offered.

BKF acrylic sheets are thermoplastical

Thermoplastical sheets have become indispensable for the daily work in orthopaedics. A specialty are the fibre-reinforced, thermoplastic BKF acrylic sheets in several hardness degrees and dimensions made by BEIL.

BKF Acrylic Sheets

Thermoplastic sheet material on acrylic resin basis with reinforcing inserts. Applications of the rigid and partially flexible qualities are supporting tongues in case of forefoot amputation, supporting fittings and smaller orthoses. The three-dimensional formable material has very good adhesive properties and can be laminated to other workpieces using acrylic resin.

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BKF CS Acryl Sheets

BKF CS acrylic sheets are fabricated in a special process using specially produced acrylic resins and fibre composites. Different fibre types, types of weaves and the setting of the acrylic resin result in dynamic but also very rigid sheets. The material is suitable for light to rigid sole stiffeners, insole cores as well as for bands for side bars / bands orthoses.


Reinforcement Layers

The characteristic of each acrylic sheet is determined by the interaction of suitable acrylic resins and most diverse reinforcement materials. We use only high-quality glass and carbon fibres for our acrylic sheets.